ADVICE allocates the essential know-how and organization in order to offer high quality consulting services, facilitating the access of enterprises in the exploitation of financing opportunities. It systematically invests in the creation of knowledge, which develops effectively during the projects implementation. The company is based on the existence of accumulated experience as well as on the knowledge and use of specialized methods and systems that concern in the modernization of enterprises. The company’s know-how includes a total of unique tools, suitably adapted in the requirements of each customer.

  • Strategy Methodology
  • Costing Methodology
  • Diagnostics Methodology
  • Processes and Organization Restructuring Methodology
  • Database of specialized external associates, for the direct selection of the suitable associates, with specific experience, depending on the specific requirements of each client
  • Database of Financial Elements 3.500 Representative Greek Enterprises, which the company maintains and processes according to the needs of each project and client
  • Surveys of selected market sectors, which are carried out at an annual base aiming at the follow up of developments and the actualization of provided services