ADVICE Management Consultants S.A. is a Greek consulting company, which was founded in July 2006 in Thessaloniki from highly qualified professionals with experience in strategy, organization, human resources management, programme management, regional development and corporate finance services. ADVICE has been certified for its qualitative services according to the Quality International Standard EN ISO: 9001/2015.

The company provides consulting services to public and private sector clients, in Greece and abroad. It assists enterprises reinstating or enhancing their competitive advantage, and public administration to improve efficiency and effectiveness, by addressing their critical issues and problems. The company is framed with highly qualified staff and allocates a wide network of specialized external associates and collaborates with local consulting offices in Greece (Athens, Ioannina, Heraklion Crete, and Larissa) Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia and Cyprus.The company’s main objective is the provision of high quality consulting services, maximizing the profit of our clients, and guaranteeing their satisfaction.